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Entry #10: Nothing to Say

2 forms of spiritual practice.

First, striving-based.

The mind must be purified, one is arching towards some sort of realization.

You have to fix yourself, balance yourself, envision the right thing, keep things in mind, etc., etc., etc.

Second, losing-based.

The subconscious ownership of virtually all experience is slowly released.

Just a little below is a bedrock stream.

Through a crevice above, you can see

Night clouds passing through the stars.

None of this is you; you just observe it;

Oh, but wait, it is You.

At that Point, you are


If words do come, they just

Sustain and expand the


Energies are all over, you are more

Energy than anything.

Then let go, all your focus, and you

Fall through your own self-emanation.

The longer you can stay, the better.

You are not in conflict with it;

It is you, and it is not you.

This is peace in action.

Sometimes just a little corner of action is all it takes, to remember.

Awareness is like a steady light; one I forgot I had on.

There is no effort in it.

The purpose is, deepen the mind until it

Starts to collapse.

It really can't say anything more

Interesting in response.

Your mind is magnetized by the concept of unity.

It's working at more than one level.

You see the world around you and you are one.

The dread and dukkha* of existence have taken a hike.

We are profoundly mercurial beings.

What works one moment is unattainable or irrelevant the next.

A core and steadying support is the breath.

It takes into account the energies of physical body.

Because you are (in the "losing" process described above) not in

Conflict or divided, the mental sphere releases its self-engagement and you

Enter, without trying, the thought-free state.

Thought immediately recedes, when the mind's basis for retention and spinning—its attempts to control itself—is released. Mental over-production on what should be idle time, becomes what it always was—an unnecessary, over-elaborated flight from reality.

As these futile attempts at self-control recede, peaceful detached awareness emerges.

It can't help but do so. As the painful crust starts to break up, a light shines through the broken earth.

Goodbye dukkha, for now.

*Dukkha means suffering

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