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Entry #7: I Want It All

the abstract part

What are we doing?

At any time, it's tough to know.

What am I?

What am I doing?

This dreary machine is bothering me,

My tick-tock and yours, the

Mind-emotional-heart things,

There are Just so many, so

Many people doing this.

the urgent devotee

By the time I get to meditate it is usually about 9 pm and sometimes I fall

Asleep on the floor. My daughter hangs out with me and she also

Meditates. She stays awake but is not always so


The assignment to myself is,

Catch the cosmic fullness in the daytime.

Walking about, joking around, being a

Jerk, the daily business of

Life—making it count, each


If I can catch just little

Bits of it ... but I am

Greedy and I

Want it


In that joy and mess are my own glorious

Shortcomings and

Damage. I cannot help but

Wonder what Happiness those with

Out such

Damage must


*"I want it all" ... a frequent answer to questions I present to my daughter that have a binary choice.

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