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Entry #8: Diamonds and Time

​My friend Hollis Hammond recently invited me to speak to her Journaling students.

I wanted to go in basically unprepared, in order to get a direct experience, paralleling my approach to sketching, writing, creativity, and meditation.

These are the brief notes for the class.

The notes

Creation extends in 2 directions:

Inwards <--- Art Creation ---> Outwards

Discuss David Lynch’s Big Fish idea.

(A glimmer of an idea might be a big idea).

Diamond are created by time and pressure … or, sometimes not

(and the process is more immediate).

Very, very informal. Without preparation, unlike teaching.

You can’t do everything you (can) think of.

Always think about space.

My art classes—with artist teacher Alan Fenton—we stood around … talked some ... and painted.

Journal out of necessity, with any tools. No studio, no time, no money … just a pencil and paper.

Connection: meditation and notebooks.

Ideas come from a deeper state.


Not necessarily the result of linear conclusions.


Relax and Focus.

Touch … feel … see … space, line …

statement … ambiguity … in the invisible zone.

Work that is over-produced, over-rendered, has the result of being a shield against emotion, is a form of ARMOR.

It is created to IMPRESS and inspire INFERIORITY in the viewer.

Be like a plant.

Or, any form that naturally grows, flows, evaporates.

Ideas evaporate off you.

Work out of an IDEA.

The sub-text is SPACE.

Break things. Always.


Ideas do not have to be complex to be foundational.

A minimal idea example: “2”

Another: “Up/Down”, etc.

An idea also can be rules about REMOVAL.


[if !supportLists]● no perspective

[if !supportLists]● no color

Beware as your creating shifts towards;

avoid a genre or a recognized workflow.

Never ever look down to your audience

or otherwise diminish your work.

Peace. I will try and develop these ideas further, later.

Thank you Hollis, for providing the space where I could connect these thoughts.


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