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Entry #2: Rain on the Roof

Realization, instruction, & inspiration

Who talks about about awareness?

Some Zen or Tao guys, or maybe a

Baby, or a sea lion.

Is awareness empty? Or full?

Is it "of" anything?

Precious time has been

Shredded to

Pieces, bulldozed,

Thinking about the



The raw dirt on awareness.

Before Zen, or Buddha, or God.

What is that?

The pain or dukkha* must be felt.

Denial is killing you;

Deny the denial.

It's a dumb thing, a blunt force.

For real, it's just you;

Let it go, to your


But don't go anywhere,

Just stay here,

Shimmering in the


*Dukkha is a Buddhist concept most often translated as "suffering"

The daily experience: I cannot forget others

First it was my daughter.

I turned around and saw her crying.

Tears were streaming down her

Face like a baby.

Then I saw an old black man crying in a parking lot.

He dashed his tiny pennies on the ground

... and they bounced so high ...

He cried out

“Oh God! God! I

Hate You God!

I hate You, I do!”

Seeing the pain of others—and my own pain.

This rip in the heart is where I am at now.



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