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Entry #1 of A Spiritual Journal

Greetings! This is the Intro to my Spiritual Life Book.

This will track my research into meditation and spirituality. This will get into an abstract space that isn't necessarily literal and is rarely linear.

This journal might be interesting to anyone curious about, or already involved in, meditation, and testing processes regarding awareness.

I am very interested in applying meditation to daily life, without the limitation of a necessary asan.

Meditation is burning into the tiny crevices of daily life. This is the goal and the means. Take the seated meditation realization into the edgy, awkward, painful, and embarrassing place we call "life"—if possible.

"If" possible, I say, because it is almost impossible. We can only inch along and at times blaze forward into an ever-receding final victory.

At the root level, this is about my lifelong struggle re: why am I here, what am I doing, is peace of mind possible? Are any of my chosen processes working? What is awareness or cognition? How can I be both detached and fully engaged, creating art? Are any of these questions even the right questions? On and on, it goes, this confusion and inquiry. We all have this; this will be my version, my small gift to you, and to myself.

My knowledge of the world and its spiritual traditions is both narrow and scattered. I'm not very interesting. I have: no status; no Yoga certificates; and, I am not a reincarnated Ninja of the 9th Order. I'll spell things wrong, not care all that much, and re-purpose language as needed.

This is about awareness processes, processes that are not predefined, codified, or tagged. This makes the journal more of an archetypal "doing"—like that very first step into the unknown—to make the first art, music, medicine, marks on tree bark, a footprint in the woods, or to rise up like dust in the wind. I hope you are nearby to watch it all blow away.

I'm very interested in looking into practical struggles, and devising how to solve or re-route them using routine adjustments: practical cosmic consciousness.

Like "modern" art, this will be a narcissistic endeavor.

I mean really - a spiritual journal? Ha!

How 60s or 80s or whatever! Double ha!

I want it to be something beautiful as well.

It will be live, alive, and I will be teaching myself ... that includes the mistakes and all of it ...

... plus maybe, we will learn together ... and at the least I'll have some fun writing.

Peace out, see you in Entry #2.


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