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The Turyia State

At the general level of meditation we have practices such as, divine thoughts, seeing the divine in all actions and things, breathing, feeling deeply, etc.

These are approachable, easy, and effective. Even I can do them.

At the strictest level of spiritual practice we have the edict: No Thoughts.

This is powerful as a means, even if the end is never technically achieved, or achieved for long.

There are many ways to attempt to move beyond thoughts. For now, let's just focus on the effort involved.

Because effort is involved, it is not a laid back affair; it requires great effort and persistence, the willingness to experiment and adapt practices, etc.

When attempting to be without thoughts, eventually, and quite suddenly, the mind will start abruptly "giving up" and when that happens, you begin to fall into Turyia.

There's a lot that can be said about Turyia, but for now let's say it is a profoundly non-problematic place, and it is deeply felt, and nothing else feels needed.

More critically, there are few classical spiritual "enlightenment" experiences without it. It is the base objective, beyond which spiritual life does continue. The terms for it will vary in different contexts, be they Buddhist, Advaita, etc.

OK ... enough on Turyia for the moment.

Next post - tackling the word "God" or something else altogether.

Like the word "Stages" or, giving up control to transcend thought, and more Turyia.

Peace out for now.

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