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How to Design a Consistent Art Practice

it's best to do this out side. first, find a cardboard box of any size. open the box and put something (any thing) inside. get a match and set the box on fire. let it burn a while, then douse it with water from a garden hose. after it cools down take the burnt mess and drag it up a hill. any hill you like. now, find a rock as big as you can lift, and put the rock on top of the burnt box mess. this might or might not squish the box. take a short break, then sit yourself on top of the rock. compose your self and try to sit up straight. then, take a deep breath and scream. make it a good loud one. really belt it out. that's all there is to it. you have just begun a consistent art practice. carry on, and thank you for your time.


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