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Entry #4: Some Stuff That Can Happen

Some things that can happen during various phases of meditation:

1. Nothing. Everything is the same.

2. Confusion as to what to do, if anything.

3. Being really calm, but with a hidden agitation.

4. Dead calm.

5. Trippy bliss and energy. (Shakti or Shaktipat.)

6. Wondering what the fuck it is.

7. Understanding everything, because the questions are gone.

8. Not going to the mountain top, but sitting on it. Or in it, as it.

8.5 You are the mountain.

9. Drifting off into light-awake/dream states, then returning.

10. Is that a flaw? Errors are also, equally, god expression.

11. I don't worry then about words like god, what to call it, etc.

12. Is simply is. Love it.

12. Energy, love.

12. I, I, I, everything comes from here.

13. Body pain or body pain release.

14. Breathing, of all kinds.

15. Hearing various spiritual instructions.

16. Getting rid of words.

Love! And that is it.

Thank you ... until next time ... Steve

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