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Entry #3: Diving Into The God Idea

For some, the God concept is a beacon; for others, a lightning rod.

Here are some ideas about God:

God is not actually omnipotent or omnipresent, because God is in opposition with something that is not God.

God is a "he"—the ultimate patriarchal vision of a protective, punishing God—the uber-king of the universe.

God can be a force on my side. As in, a football team, my career, my politics, etc.

God is locked into an eternal conflict with the devil, which in the world might also be a target of my personal dislike.

God actually has to decide things, which means he didn't know, then he did know.

Here are some others:

God is the center of the deepest part of myself, where I am closest to limitless manifestation.

I sense God when my heart is penetrated by compassion. I am then, beyond myself.

God is an awareness-concept that means absolute, limitless, eternal, omnipresent, divine nature. To contemplate it is to merge into it.

God is an ever-present feeling of a companion lending me strength and support; also, a source of divine love.

Here's another concept from a non-dual way of thinking:

God arises out of the self. As such, even God is outside of you. The self is the eternal witness; it sees you be born, live, and die. It sees you fall asleep and wake up. It is you—however, you misidentify it now and then, or forget about it entirely. Along with everything, God itself is witnessed by this supreme self .

One more:

God is absolutely everything. Nothing is excluded. If you experience the motive to move close to God, remember each and every obstacle is also God.

Here are some important ones:

God is a concept to measure your pain, as expressed by John Lennon.

God is an imaginary being—a tool to control masses of believers.

The word God is used for the purposes of domination.

God is an idea that should be forced on others.

I'm pretty sure I need a new word for God. Because mine doesn't match many of the thoughts above.

For myself, thinking about God can feel very abstract.

The idea can give me a headache.

Other times, it's a very real imaginary experience.

Some days, I want to raise my fist at the sky.

On a really good day, I feel God rising out of me.


Thank you for reading.

I'll be looking at the words "enlightenment" and "spiritual" soon, along with stuff on meditation.

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