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Total Bullcrap, Total Enlightment

Cosmic Consciousness Referendum

Whatever it is, needs to work In the utter midst of searing pain.

Whatever it is, is now, not later.

Translate the division into what it is.

OK, this is entry #1 into a "spiritual" series conjured up by myself.

It will be about enlightenment and meditation.

There is no particular place to start talking about this subject, so ... I will begin arbitrarily.

Here is a meditation method

Put your attention into the center of your brain.

This might be easy, impossible, hard to experience, or not.

Put your feeling there.

Not feelings: Feeling. Sense. Isolate.

Touch, be aware of sensation, etc.

Not mental, images, or thinking.

Sensation, when it is strong enough, erases extraneous thoughts.

You need to climb in there, so to speak, and breathe.

As I said, this might be almost impossible for some.

That would probably be for a smart, or active, externalized person.

It can also be impossible at the moment, but easy at another time.

To understand the process, consider immediately, that your brain is physically as sensitive as your fingers, but your forgot to ever check that out.

So ... the idea is just to hang out there for as long as possible.

The sensation will eventually dissolve, you fall off into distraction, or any number of things.

In this meditation, the conclusion can be that the energy expands, moves around, maybe even to outside the body, or modulates to various forms of sensation within the brain. It can shift to adjacent locales of the brain as well.

The preferred form however, which requires your guidance, is expansion to no-form.

At any rate, it doesn't really matter. If you touch on this feeling just briefly, it's a benefit.

The next post will be on, why it is a benefit. Or what is no-form. Or something I haven't thought of yet.


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